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PaymentTrust allows trusted trading partners to benefit from seamless, verified, low cost payment and settlement solutions inside of existing SCM systems.


Prompt Payment of outstanding invoices is a major liquidity bottleneck for Supply Chain Partners

Blockchain Technology allows trusted trading partners the ability to verify the invoice and the recipient to allow companies to make payments quicker

Incorrect Invoices

Shipping Issues

Pricing Issues

All of the terms and conditions between organizations


Every day, there are $140 billion tied up in disputes for payments in the transportation industry.

For an average invoice, a company must wait 42 days before receiving payment. Many businesses have millions of dollars tied up in their accounts.

PaymentTrust is

A central registry for shipping documentation. An application that processes the settlement criteria for any given shipping order then “rolls up” any multiple or redundant payments, streamlining the process for the end payable.

  • Standards based, technology agnostic, external to any legacy system
  • Supports private and public blockchains
  • Supports EDI X.12 and associated XML wrappers and translation software
  • Provides robust ID management and security
  • Allows users to register, and invite other members of their business network
  • Dynamically creates smart contracts through legacy system integration

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